Education Masters League

Educational Technology in the Philippines

Education Masters League, Inc.


Education Masters League, Inc. intends to improve — at a wholistic level — Filipino lives, by providing training packages, both online — web-based and / or digital in format; and offline — hands-on or live.


Education Masters League, Inc. aims to provide training packages to benefit, but are not limited to the following:

* Educators; or those considered as stakeholders of the Educational Field

* Professionals; or those with expertise yet still need to improve themselves in certain aspects

* Freelancers; or those seeking to equip themselves with skills necessary for tapping unto modern income sources

Likewise, the organization aims to provide packages custom-tailored to the needs of the group or entity requesting training and development.


Education Masters League, Inc. is a major contributor to advanced education of Filipinos who are both learners and earners in the modern age, through being the leading consultancy in the Philippines when it comes to wholistic training and development of Educators, Professionals, Freelancers, and other groups who find the organization’s services beneficial to their purpose.


Education Masters League, Inc. commits itself to:

* prepare, organize, and facilitate training packages designed to address the needs of Filipino Educators, Professionals, Freelancers, and others seeking assistance custom-fit to their situations

* manage a website and other web properties, as collective repository of resources for use of Filipino Educators, Professionals, Freelancers, and others awarded access to such properties

* regularly evaluate the organization — including performance and culture — and determine the best strategies intended to maximally benefit Filipino Educators, Professionals, Freelancers, and the public at large

* coordinate with public authorities and private entities, for the implementation of different training packages

* educate the public at large regarding the importance of wholistic development of Filipino Educators, Professionals, and Freelancers, as contributors to the common good